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  1. There is a long way from the mainland to Samui so that kind of news won't be spread fast...
  2. However, it seemed like the nightlife didn't hear about Surat Thani-governor's notice, I haven't experienced anything like this since the Covid-lockdown in March, all photos from around 1 am, 2021... Outside The Black Bamboo Club... Soi Green Mango... A loaded Hush venue... –and inside the Green Mango Club... I presume the beach was equally full – I know a lot that was going to Ark Bar for countdown – but I didn't check it, I got stuck in the clubs, and all the gorgeous girls there...
  3. Thais in general don't wish to sell their land, it has to do with old times "sakdina"-system...
  4. I have the opposite experience from Samui's real estate market, if you squeeze the price then the seller might not be interested at all; and if you consider too long time, the price either goes up, or someone else already bought the property you were interested in, sometimes for a higher price than than you intented to pay for it. As SpideMike007 says, there are numerous uphill villas, of which several have not even have been completed. Be very careful here, if they ofte are inside a project; you need to make due diligence both about an eventually project and it's fees, and the
  5. It's very easy, go to this page "SCB-online" HERE, and click on "New Client" and follow the instructions on the screen. If you already have Internet banking via SCBeasy, you can open a trading account from there. More info HERE.
  6. Yes and it's fairly easy, either through a broker, or with a bank's online platform, if you have a Thai bank account. You need to give passport information, and might be asked for a little comprehensive questionnaire about whitewashing and investor experience. As foreigners can only own up to 49 percent of a Thai company, some major companies have NVDR-stocks available, where you have all rights as as normal shareholder, including payout of dividends, but no rights to vote. For a small shareholder, like most private foreign investors are, it doesn't mean anything to loose the votin
  7. I saw the movie in the cinema here, but it was so bad that I've already forget it, not worth spending brain-storage-capacity to remember it...
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    • 倾国倾城的完美贵妇叶美香倾国倾城的完美贵妇叶美香,日本漫画无翼岛漫之辛苦了日本漫画无翼岛漫之辛苦了
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  8. Those on the list made their fortune, whilst there were more money in the music industry than during the last decade. Today you make your money from performance, not from recordings, as you could before, because too few people pay for listening to music, or pay less than before. Even that most streaming begin to be paid for, the fees are relative lower than previous air-fees; and less people buy units, even as downloads. The new names you mention are already established (beginning-breakthrough), Jay-Z since 1988-1995; Gaga since 2001-2005; Nicki Minaj since 2004-2010. M
  9. Tourism is said to be 80 percent down, so of course 4 out of 5 normal flights would be either not fly, or be empty; and 4 out of 5 restaurants would be closed, or have no customers. This is not happening in Thailand alone, or Bangkok Airways only, it's in general all over the World. Some of the Thai airlines have already either given up, or are under bankruptcy protection for reconstruction, which is similar to a number of airlines around the World. With 80 percent guests missing a lot will be empty, especially in those areas that mainly depend on foreign tourists, like
  10. Yeah, all 100 are mainly new names popping up during the last decade or so...
  11. To my knowledge, not more than usually. The lower priced houses – i.e. what more normal folks can afford – have always been bit of buyers market for various reasons; whilst the higher level more often is "business as usual", but that range of properties may be offered at a price that often can be negotiated some millions baht down. If considering a house in a project, do a due diligence on the fees and project-owner, select "freehold" instead of "lease".
  12. Normally numerous of the many star resorts will arrange parties and fireworks, including the Koh Phangan FMP, but yes, this year many are closed due to COVID-19. Only few of the many-star resort in Chaweng are open, and apart from Ark Bar, I know that Green Mango Club has party New Years Eve as always, and I presume both Hush Club and Paradise on the beach will have events or just partying that night... HUSH Club... See more on Facebook HERE. Often the northern bays, i.e. Bo Phut/Fisherman Village and Maenam, are great spots for watching
  13. I've been very happy having my Yellow House Book; easy for address verification, got a pink ID-card for aliens, with the pink ID card fairly easy get a TIN (Tax Identification Number) without a work permit, which gives me tax return money in my home country, so it was fully worth the money for translator, and my efforts getting the Yellow House Book. I normally use my pink ID card as legal identification in banks and other places, instead of carrying my passport...
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